Sasha Le Monnier



Sasha enters Beatport Progressive Top 100

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Super news Sasha's latest remix has entered Beatport Progressive Top 100!....thanks to all those supporting!!!! :) :) :)


For the tracks official release we see a brand new interpretation from Sasha Le Monnier. The Jersey Islands based producer has been quiet on the production front since the release of her Antrim ‘Beyond’ remix which came courtesy of Luis Bondio’s Classound Recordings in March of last year. Sasha has kept a very tidy discography with key appearances on Mistique Music, Stripped Recordings and PolyTechnic. Her interpretation of ‘Lights Out’ has added a cool funky edge which complements Alberto’s dreamy original quite nicely. The well shaped foundation is the star of the show here. Big, well textured stabs carve out a pretty devastating groove that’s well complemented with subtle rhythms and a tension filled, tone bending line which triggers the atmospheric growth of the record. Sasha’s spacey lines have some wicked hooks and carry the track through a somewhat stripped down middle section where the atmospheric ambience creates a nice warm glow. That quickly dissipates though and the well shaped foundation returns for a groovy finale. A very cool remix from Sasha and I would have to say her best work most likely. Top notch release from 3rd Avenue. Don’t miss it. - Mitch Alexander [ underground / Release Promo ]

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