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Section 75 - Section 75 Presents Soundsc... // Source Of Gravity Digital

Includes C.O.U. Muzik! Section 75 - Section 75 Presents Soundsc... // Source Of Gravity Digital [SofGDigiSC003] Genre: Tech-House,Prog-House, Release Date: Oct 18 2010 Beatport: Label: Source Of Gravity Digital 1 Mario and Eric J - Characters - Section 75 Remix 2 Mario and Eric J - Mario and Eric J - Touche - Section 75 Remix 3 Ryan Crane - Magnetics 2013 - Section 75 Remix 4 Sterio and McGrath - Scarlett Point - Section 75 Remix 5 Tim Mills - Giant Gnats - Section 75 Remix 6 JvC - Maladjusted - Section 75 Remix 7 Mario and Eric J - End Of Me - Section 75 Remix 8 Darin Epsilon - Green Destiny - Section 75 Remix 9 Jairus Miller - Fogged In - Section 75 Remix 10 Sterio and Mclellan - Crowders Mountain - Section 75 Remix 11 Jairus Miller - Danny Is A Quazar - Section 75 Remix 12 C.O.U. Muzik - Airflow - Section 75 Remix 13 Section 75 - Locked Heart - Section 75 Interlude 14 Section 75 - Hermits Curve - Section 75 Soundscapes Edit 15 Section 75 - Locked Heart feat Penny - Section 75 Soundscapes Edit Release Info: img src= / , , It's not very often that an underground dance music label can boast a tenth birthday, especially in this day and age when music is moving so fast. However Chris Sterio's Source of Gravity Recordings can do just that. This label has coped well with the transition from the analogue days of old, to the new digital download era, and although they no longer release vinyl they are still releasing hard hitting tunes from their consistent roster of worldwide , artists that is supported by many of the big names on the worldwide circuit., , To celebrate their tenth anniversary this year, they have asked some of their longest serving musicians to put together individual hour long mixes that will contribute to a compilation series which is to be a true portrayal of the sounds that have been pushed over the years by the label. The mix series is entitled Soundscapes - a very appropriate name I think you'll agree.... Music Promo Service by VIP Ultima VIP Ultima is a Promotion Service for Music Professionals. It is used by Record Labels, Promotion Companies, and other Professionals in the Industry to manage their promo campaigns and get feedback comments from Top International DJs and Reviewers

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