Sasha Le Monnier


Hall North - Jonah - Sasha Le Monnier Remix [ Celestial Recordings ]

To Be Released over the next month or so, feedback on my remix already supported from..

Yamil Colucci Nice , thanks.

Silinder (Kindred/Renaissance/Sudbeat) Nice, thanks Sasha

Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings) Nice one, thanks

Cid Inc Nice one Sasha!

Paper Samurai (Mistique Music, Blanche, Visa-Versa, Ibiza-Voice, Bushido Deep) Sweet remix, of this deep goodness thanks

Barry Jamieson (Circular Sound Recordings) Nice mix. Like it

Wez Saunders (Endemic Digital)Big BIIIIGGGG fan of Hall North's Original and this really didn't disappoint. This will be there for consideration in my April chart for sure.

Markus Schultz...downloading thnks

Mario & Eric J (Source Of Gravity, Olympik Records, 7 Seas Digital)very, very cool atmospheric/deep/techy stuff from Sasha Le Monnier

Moonchine (Baroque/Polytechnic/Bit Records)Will support!

Ryan Crane (Source of Gravity / Electric Life)yes. fantastic stuff, thank you!

Mavrou Vassilios (La Casa | Baracca)liked the eclectic style.

Jairus Miller (Source of Gravity, Redfluc Cinnabar, Hunya Munya, Toes in the Sa) Great chilled and relaxed atmosphere. Another track demonstrating Sasha's versatility!

Anton Sheridan (Majestic Family Records / Majestic Sound Radio Show ) Nice release, I liked. Thank You

Sean McClellan (Source of Gravity/Bedrock/Baroque) Nice Tech house vibe from Sasha on this remix! Full support!

dPen (Hope Recs, STM) Niceeeeee Mr. Jones/The Disclosure Project (Disclosure Project Rec/Ibiza Sonica/Night Drive Music/Elevation )Fairly nice this, kinda off kilter in its groove,

Eric J (Source of Gravity)Nice and deep.

Kevin Shiu (Frisky radio,Powerplant music,Sex on Wax,Hype Musik.) Good stuff!

Bobby Deep (Know Thyself Recs,Acuna Boyz) wow!!!i ll take that one aswell...

Ryan Sullivan (,, Triplefire Music)This will be great for my sundowner sets.

James Grant (Anjunadeep) nice track

Kenny Substance (PureSubstance/Redflux/OhrwurmKL) this is another wicked deep mix from Sasha Le Monnier!

KiRA (Frisky Radio, Olaris Records)nice deep vibes

Ben Coda (Unreleased Digital, Baroque, Whartone)Nice!! really feeling this one

Gai Barone (Armada / Coldharbour / Afterglow / Silk Royal | DI FM / ETN FM) great one! thanks

LRCN (DI, AfterhoursDJs, Dance Radio Global, Generation Trance) Deep indeed. I love it. Support!

Jay Kaufman (Park Muzik, Bellarine Recordings, Tortoise Shell Recordings) I LOVE the deepness on this. It's properly deep stuff.

Noel Sanger (Dissident)Downloading for Noel.

Wes Straub (Jetlag Digital, Area709, System Recordings, Hubvibes) Deep!! Very nice.

Matt Black (Segment records)Very nice warm grooves, good one!

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)Cool track. Nice deep tech house

Hyline (Hyline Music, Baroque, Mcgroove, DI.FM) great!

Chris Sterio (Source of Gravity/My Promo Pool/Proton Radio) Nice early doors house gear!

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