Sasha Le Monnier


Interview With Sasha Le Monnier By Chris Sterio [ Source Of Gravity Digital : Label Owner / Manager ] Nov 2010

With the upcoming release of Sasha's Soundacpes Album on Source Of Gravity Digital it was only right that label owner Chris Sterio interviewed this talented dj/producer!

What is your first memory of dance music?
Well it started in 87 when i was given this megamix tape that featured stuff like black box,Technotronic, New Order, MAARS, Depched Mode, so i started hunting more tapes down from friends and buying stuff!
Then in 89 i went to a local club here in Jersey, Channel Islands called 'Inn On The Park' wow, i remember walking into this place and was taken back by it's size and the fact that there was around 2,000 people going crazy to this house/acid house music, i'd never seen anything like it before, it was amazing! There was even really far out clothes that people wore, and the trend setters of clubbing and all the men in the leather Fila boots..LOL, Fila did well from Jersey!! Over the five years that i went there, as it was shut down in 94 as the building was deemed unsafe, LOL, i guess it would be with that amount jumping around to wicked house grooves! we were lucky enough to see dj's like Sasha,Laurent Garnier,Dave Seaman,Parks & Wilson, Paul Oakenfold, Lisa loud, Wish docta and many many other great pioneering dj's from back in the day aswell as all the great local dj's! I fell in love with this place straight away and went regularly and also to all the after parties in forts and German bunkers till Sunday afternoon was like nothing you get today as the clubs are smaller and the atmosphere is not the same anymore! Also if you are caught today holding a party in bunkers and what not, you are now heavily fined! Inn On The Pak was first covered by MixMag who voted it in their top 10 clubs, also was covered by Dj Mag who named it Fantasy Island in the U.K clubbers guide both from late 80's to early 90's! I have fond memories that will last forever with regards to 'Inn On The Park'. Even today i still hook up with friends i first met there! It really has left a massive mark on me and what i do today!

How do you think the digital revolution has affected you?
It has effected me in two ways both good and bad...the plus side it is cheaper than vinyl, as for me as it was getting a bit expensive to manage, though today i do miss all the vinyl,the different covers,smell,feel and grooves of the vinyl when it was going on the turnatable...guess i could use final scratch or Serato but it's just not the same is it. Also another down side is seeing your production work on torrents sites, I just think the torrents sites are killing the industry...shame really!

Who have been the biggest influences on you musically?
I first have to say my mother, she was a vinyl addict when i was a kid, talk about a vinyl collection, we didn't really watch telly much as it was always music on in the house with everything from 60's right through to late 80's, blues,jazz,country western, you name it she had it! LOL!

Dj wise i would have to say Sasha,John Digweed,Dave Seaman,Ian Ossia and Nick warren... it's because of them and a few local dj's i wanted to get into mxing. When i first heard Renassiance 1 & 4 i was just amazed at the quality of music and mixing, such amazing CD's, even today! Another was the G.U Cd's aswell as Northern Exposure VOL 1, that just blew me away! Also have to drop in there the Paul Van Dyk 2hr '97' Essential Mix...totally brilliant, especially when he dropped  that depeche mode Remix 'No Good'- (BT Mix) also tracks from tilt,Blue Amazon and BT's 'Flaming June' what a track!, aswell as his his own track 'words' which was awesome, some of my favourite labels / artists from back in the day! and a truly inspiring Essential Mix to say the least!

Do you have any other interests outside of music?
...Er...Erm...i would do stamp collecting if i had time, any spare time i have i like to chill with my partner as that is like gold dust, so no, not really many other interest to be honest,i'm just to busy!Even more so now i have started learning to produce on my own this year, already and album for 'Source Of Gravity Digital and remixes completed for Stripped Digital & Tactal Hots Music all due to be out over the coming months!

What is the music scene like in the Channel Islands?
The music scene here in Jersey is great, we have many a night taken place every week with all the worlds best dj's performing here at least every second week, i think we are very spoilt for an island 9 miles long by 5 miles wide! Different styles of music from Drum & Bass to techno and even dubstep..the choice is great! I have to say i have been lucky to see the most amazing dj's here, one of my personal favs being The Sasha & Digweed Northern Exposure tour back in 97 [ the year i first started mixing and playing out! ], the club and Atmospher was rocking, even the hours running upto it, the island was buzzing amid their arrival. something i will not forget in a hurry!

Who are your favourite top 5 artists at the moment?
Wow, now that is not fair! There is so many good artist's on the scene right now...where do i start and i can only name five, really? Well, i have to say Sasha as he is just great, I'm never bored of his mixing!. Quivver is awesome and always has been. Monaque are also one fine form at the moment as is Cid Inc and also lank such quality productions from these artist's! Can i drop a favourite label...go on then, well apart from Source Of Gravity Digital, microCastle Music has some of my favourite sounds at the moment, they just keep pushing quality with every release.

Name 3 things that make you laugh?
Lee Evans the comedian, just love that guy the way he paces around the stage and goes into one, he is brilliant and indcredibly funny!
oh, yes... The Family Guy, thanks to Sean McClellan getting me into this when over in the states on Source Of Gravity Tour in 2008, loved it ever since!
myself, cause at the moment i'm wrecking my already damaged memory trying to answer these questions..LOL! Sorry, did i mention to you that my memory was bad, well, my memory is bad... oh, i forgot to mention something, my memory is bad ;)

Thanks for the interview :) x